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Zaslavl. Flying in a hot air balloon


Заславль. Полеты на воздушном шаре

To dive into the boundless air world of clouds and fresh wind in Belarus is possible in many places. The experience of local aeronaut pilots will turn your balloon flight into an entertaining excursion.


Air tours are held all year round. We have baskets for up to 6 people. In winter we fly during the light day and in spring, summer and autumn more often at dawn and before sunset. The familiarization flight in a balloon lasts for 1 hour and during this time the balloon flies on average 10-15 km. At the same time, our pilots keep the flight in the balloon in such a way that you have the opportunity to admire the most picturesque places.

The flight in a balloon passes at an altitude of 300-500 m. The maximum height of the lift is up to 1 kilometer.

We are sure that flights over the ancient Belarusian city of Zaslavl (10 km from the capital) will give you a great pleasure.

According to chronicle legends ancient Zaslavl was built in the end of the tenth century by Kiev prince Vladimir Svyatoslavovich. Little is said about Zaslavl at the time. However, from a birds-eye view you will admire the beauty of this small capital’s satellite, situated on the river Svisloch, fly over the Transfiguration Church, ruins of the castle gate (XVI century), the ramparts and moats of an once formidable Zaslavsky Castle, above the crosses of Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary Church (XVIII-XIX centuries).

Заславль. Полеты на воздушном шаре. Рыцарские турниры.

After an air excursion we can sit comfortably in the cafe with the national cuisine “Shynok”, and after take a walk along the streets which are now completely different at the bottom. There is a mass of festivals and other cultural events in Zaslavl. You can plan your excursion in advance, for example, on the day of the knight tournament.