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Nesvizh Castle

Несвижский замок. Беларусь.

The distance from the capital is 112 km.

Only after visiting Nesvizh you can see the history of Belarus and literally touch it by visiting the famous palace and park ensemble and the Corpus Christi Church, included in the World Heritage List of UNESCO, as well as the Town Hall, Slutsk Gates and a number of other architectural monuments.

Несвижский замок. Беларусь.

Palace and park ensemble of the XVI - XIX centuries is located in the north-eastern part of the city and is surrounded by ponds. From 1583 to 1939 the palace served as a residence for the powerful Radziwill magnate family and was the center of the Nesvizh ordination. For 400 years of its history, the palace has absorbed the signs of various architectural styles. Here the Renaissance and classicism, baroque and rococo, modern and neoclassicism were reflected.

The Corpus Christi Church is the first temple in Eastern Europe built in the baroque style.

Nesvizh Town Hall is the oldest preserved in Belarus. It was built in 1596.

Slutsk Gate is the only surviving gate in Belarus, part of the system of urban fortifications.

The craftsmen’s house is the only sample of the urban housing in the first half of the 18th century in Belarus. The baroque facade has survived to this day.

The complex of the former Benedictine monastery is the first female catholic monastery in Belarus. The construction of the brick monastic complex in the ensemble with the church of St. Euphemia was held in 1593 – 1596. The sanctification of the church held in 1597. The residential and household buildings of the monastery have been preserved until now.

The complex of the former Bernardine monastery was built in 1598 together with the church of St. Catherine. The only one monastic building has survived till now.

The most interesting quest “Secrets and mysteries of the Radziwill palace” takes place in Nesvizh Castle.