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MICE : unconventional solutions

We have enough experience in organizing various events in the field of MICE-tourism.

Of course, these are all sorts of seminars and meetings in the capital.

Events are held on the territory of the hotels “Renaissance” and “Europe” 5 * in Minsk.

However, now we offer to consider the option of organizing the similar events in “BonHotel” 3*, which will significantly reduce the organizational cost. This is by far the best 3* hotel in the city, which has at its disposal a modern conference room with a capacity of up to 45 people and meeting rooms.

Unconventional incentives: in winter

Corporate competitions in alpine skiing or snowboarding

MICE: нестандартные решения. Беларусь.

These competitions are for non-professionals who can ski or snowboard. The giant slalom was conducted for corporate groups in the ski resorts of Italy, Austria, Germany, Czech Republic, Serbia.

In Belarus it is held on the basis of the ski center Silichi.

The example: Duration – 4 days / 3 nights. Group - any amount of people. In the program: accommodation at the hotel, meals (breakfasts, dinners), welcoming cocktail, preparation day for competitions, day of competitions with the set and prepared track, marked, equipped with everything what is necessary for the competition, buffet after the competition, awarding the winners, one tour in the region. The budget and the program can be planned according to your requirements. We know everything about skiing!

Corporate sailing racesMICE: нестандартные решения. Беларусь.

This race is held for beginners who do not know anything about sailing. Before the competitions we provide the beginners with courses and the competitions are conducted under the guidance of the experienced professional shipmen. You can feel the beauty of sailing and get a lot of pleasures from the competitions in the new sport.

Geography of our regattas: Belarus, Italy, Greece, Croatia, Spain.

In Belarus the race is conducted on the basis of the complex “Nanosy” in Naroch region.

Example: Duration - 4 days / 3 nights. Group – any amount of people. In the program: accommodation at the hotel, meals (breakfasts and dinners), day of training and instructioning the beginners in yachting with the certified coach, competition day, yacht rental, skippers and everything what is necessary for the competitions, welcoming cocktail and buffet at the end of the competition, awarding the participants, one excursion in the region. Attention! We must warn you that there is no monofleet on any of the lakes in Belarus. And it is even impossible to gather the monofleet in the republic.