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Минск. Приключения во времени

Our city is full of monuments, sights and amazing relics of the gone eras. The fast-developing and future-oriented capital of Belarus has been, and remains the beloved and honored city of the Belarusians, despite it was ruined in the past centuries.

For the guests of our capital we primarily offer the sightseeing tour.

We have some sightseeing tours variations depending on the audience, age-group, guests’ interests.

Bus and walking tour lasts for 3.5 hours.

During this time you will see the main sights of the city including:

  • Privokzalnaya square architectural complex (1948-1956) with the eleven-stored towers named “the gates of the city”,
  • the Independence square with the Government House created by the St. Petersburg architect Langbard (1934),
  • Red church of St. Simeon and Helen (1910),
  • the main city street – the Independence Avenue (formerly Stalin Avenue, later on Lenin Avenue) is a masterpiece styled as Stalinist Empire, created in the 1950s,
  • October Square with Alexander Square, the famous fountain “Boy with a Swan” (honestly, better than “Manneken Pis” in Brussels) and the House of Officers by the architect Langbard,
  • Freedom square with the city hall and hotel“Europe” (modern style in the beginning of the twentieth century),
  • the neighboring blocks of the Upper Town with the Cathedral and Mariinsky Church (the beginning of the 20th century),
  • embankment of the river Svisloch and Trinity Suburb, a picturesque old quarter on the banks of the river Svisloch, recreating the architectural appearance of Minsk in the 19th century with excellent souvenir shops and restaurants,
  • Pobediteley Avenue (formerly Masherov Avenue) with the architectural and sculptural complex “Minsk-Hero City” and the Museum of the Great Patriotic War.
  • Victory Square with a 38-meter granite obelisk - the Victory monument constructed in 1954 in honor of soldiers of the Soviet army and partisans of Belarus who died in the battles for Belarus liberation,
  • the National Library and the neighboring modern districts of the city,

The authenticity of our programs lies in the fact that we turn our excursions into a journey by a time machine. We include visits to such unique places of the city as Osmolovka (diving in the 1950s), Grushevka (1920-30), the village of Tractor Plant (1940-50), where the atmosphere of those years is completely preserved. You can call these tours “Back to the USSR”.