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Beer Adventure

Минск. Пивное приключение

This program is an excursion to the breweries, the beer plant “Olivaria”, beer bars and restaurants of our city.

The most interesting story related to the development of brewing in Minsk will be told to tourists over a beer in different places of our city. Mini-breweries “Jamaica” and “Rakovsky Brovar”, restaurant-brewery “Arbat”, beer restaurants “Friends” and “Gvozd”, beer plant “Olivaria” and other equally interesting places connected with beer are waiting for you on our beer route.

The main pearl of the route is visiting one of the oldest plants in Minsk – “Olivaria Brewery”. The excursion route runs through the famous historical building of the XIX century. Created in 1864 it not only survived, but it remained an active brewery in Belarus, where unique types of beer are still produced according to the ancient recipes. Over the 150-year history of existence, the production has undergone stages of ups and downs, several owners have changed, but it remains at the highest level and does not lose its consumers. The museum of the plant has gathered about 100 exhibits, among them there is a collection of beer bottles and labels of products of the plant of different years, old objects for making beer of the late XIX - early XX century, interesting archival documents. Some part of the museum exposition is dedicated to the history of Carlsberg, which holds the plant now. The historical building continues to be an active production, where in a special atmosphere of antiquity, beer of excellent quality continues to be brewed using some new technologies.

We are conducting a quest based on this excursion in spring of 2017.

For the participants of the quest the impressions of what they heard and seen on the tour will be enhanced by the thrill of the game and the taste of beer.

Traveling through the beer culture of Minsk, you will find out many mysteries connected with the history and culture of our city, get acquainted with the colorful inhabitants of the capital who contributed to the development of the brewing business at different times from the middle of the nineteenth century to the present day.