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Belarusian cuisine and culinary master classes

Минск. Белорусская кухня и кулинарные мастер-классы

The Belarusian cuisine itself is very interesting, diverse and has many admirers. And the restaurant “Talaka” presents its best dishes in the most virtuosic performance.

The interior of the restaurant “Talaka” is replete with elements of rural life.

Here there are excellent chefs who know their business and can cook Belarusian dishes correctly.

“Talaka” is a small cozy hut where people come as a visit to the grandmother, where dishes are made in pots and in the oven. Grace-cups greet and see off the guests. Homemade kvass, fruit drink and “Krambambulya” can be enjoyed here. The menu has a lot of delicious old Belarusian dishes: “Pyzy” - potato dish, “Pechisto” - chicken with herring on milk, “Salad of dandelions”, “Nettle soup”, “Draniki” with bacon crisps and onions, “Gulbishnik” is an original potato and cottage cheese pie with beef and poultry, smoked elk, twiglets for beer, sour cabbage soup, “lasunki” - special pancakes, baked apples, dandelion jam, chamomile jam and a lot more.

Belarusian cuisine with author's touches is presented in “Talaka”, but you can find a European touch in the menu so that the guests can choose what to eat.

It is here where we hold culinary master classes on preparation of Belarusian cuisine dishes. You can also conduct team competitions in culinary arts under the restaurant's chefs’ supervision.