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Bloody Empire

Минск. Кровавый ампир

Minsk. Bloody Empire This program is a tour of Minsk 1930-1950's.

During this excursion we will introduce you to the main street of the city – Independence Avenue (formerly Zakharievskaya Street, Stalin Avenue, Lenin Avenue, Skaryna Avenue) from the 1930s to the restoration after World War II.

Leaving the city, the Nazis destroyed almost all the buildings of the capital. Literally several houses survived. It seems to be perfect mysticism that all the buildings created by the St. Petersburg architect Langbard remained undamaged.

After World War II, Minsk was rebuilt in the style of Stalinist Empire. Pomposity, luxury, majesty and monumentality of the main street of the city - Stalin's Avenue those days - amazes even now.

Stalinist neorenaissance or Stalinist empire was widespread even before the war from the 30s. Then several buildings were built in this style in Minsk. Including the Tsanava Tower (it also stands on Independence Avenue) ...

Fragment of this interesting excursion (a hint what to read for the participants of the quest):

In the 30s there were events in Minsk that worthed a multi-part detective movie. And one of the heroes of this movie would certainly have been the head of the MSS of those times, Lavrenty Tsanava, who lived in Minsk in a Georgian manner and destroyed the enemies of the Communist Party with Caucasian eagerness. In 1938 Lavrenti Tsanava worked in Minsk as the head of the Ministry of State Security of the BSSR. With the name of this man a close friend of another famous Lavrenty - Beria several city myths are connected ...

The tour lasts 2 hours. It is completely pedestrian.

We are conducting a quest based on this excursion in spring of 2017.

The proposed quest is an adventure in Minsk during which you can independently explore the main artery of the city with a map from us, show erudition and ingenuity and escape from Tsanava ghost’s pursuit. Participants are helped by Mikhoels’ ghost during the quest.

Participants receive a map of Independence Avenue and the list of assignments. After completing the task correctly, they receive a hint that will help to pass the next stage of the quest. If participants managed to reach the finish line, they will receive a valuable prize, as a reward for their erudition and resourcefulness.

The duration of the quest is 2 hours.