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City of masters

Минск. Город мастеров

In this program we offer to visit the National Art Museum – the largest collection of Belarusian and foreign art in the country. More than thirty thousand works are stored in the exposition, divisions and storage facilities. Among them are canvases of the great Russian masters like Korovin, Shishkin, Levitan.

In addition (instead of) an ordinary excursion, we offer a quest around the National Art Museum.

After visiting the art museum we will go to the gallery of the famous Belarusian artist Mikhail Savitsky. Mikhail Savitsky Gallery is the exhibition space for temporary exhibitions and a permanent exhibition of the works of Mikhail Savitsky himself as well as the museum of the artist: visitors can see personal belongings, archival documents, awards and photographs of the famous Belarusian artist.

Минск. Город мастеров

In continuation of this day we are to visit the workshops of Belarusian artists, where you can get acquainted with the works of famous contemporary masters and, if you wish, to get something from works.

Duration: 3 hours + workshops (time is not limited).

This program has several options, where instead of visiting the National Art Museum you can book visits to small exhibition galleries, salons with works of folk crafts, art showrooms.