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Hotels in Minsk

Отели МинскаОтели Минска

The hotel base of Minsk is quite large.

However, our very high requirements for hotels, as well as the desire to get the best combination of “price-quality” led us to the fact that in most cases we host our guests in the following hotels of the city:

5* “Europe” - expensive, but very high quality. In addition to placing clients, we hold seminars and presentations here.

“Renaissance Minsk” (Renaissance Minsk, 4 *, 5 *?) - one of the best hotels in the city, is named the best in the chain of “Renaissance” in 2015. Only good reviews always. Multifunctional conference halls and excellent service are tested at numerous events held here.

3* “BonHotel” is definitely the best three-star hotel in Minsk. Excellent combination of “price-quality”. Magnificent rooms. You can  hold your events at the highest level saving the budget. Very nice and professional staff. Perhaps the only 3 * hotel that meets European standards in the city.

3* “Belarus” - a good combination of “price-quality”, excellent location and magnificent infrastructure make this hotel very attractive for our guests. Although the service, staff and quality of all services should be improved.

Hotel “Akademicheskaya” is situated in the very center, very simple hotel. However, it is clean, convenient and cheap. Even with such amenities in the rooms, you will not find any other options that cheap in the center of the capital. It is recommended for budget tourists, budget groups, transit. The accommodation is sold without breakfast, however there is a Chinese cafe downstairs, where we feed our guests with breakfasts in agreement with the owners of the cafe.


We cooperate with all other hotels in the city, but we can only recommend the above mentioned ones. In these hotels we hold various events in Minsk if our foreign partners order them.