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Minsk – Hero City

One of the most important periods in the fate of Minsk was the time of battles during the Great Patriotic War.

A lot of excursion tours and routes are devoted to this topic.

We are proud of the victory over fascist Germany. May 9 is one of the most important and perhaps the most important holiday in our country.

Минск – город-геройМинск – город-герой

There preserved a lot of monuments dedicated to the theme of wartime.

The eternal fire and obelisk on Victory Square, the stele “Minsk - Hero City’” memorial plaques, street names, mass graves, the "Yama" memorial created on the site of the ghetto - more than 100 thousand Jews died during the Second World War ...

Here in the city there is a museum of the Great Patriotic War - a museum, which must be visited while in Minsk.


The excursion lasts for 3 hours.

Usually we supplement this excursion with visits to the memorial complex Khatyn, to the Mound of Glory or to Stalin Line. These excursions exist both separately and in bundles. If you add them to the Hero City tour then the total time is 6-7 hours.

About the Stalin Line, Khatyn and the Mound of Glory you can read more in detail later.