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To drive on and shoot

Ideas for corporate competitions

Минск. Погонять и пострелятьCarting  

Carting in Minsk is a great way to arrange tournaments with friends, to involve children in motorsports and most importantly to get unforgettably pleasant impressions and adrenaline buzz. Age, gender, the availability of driver's license and driving skills do not matter. Cart is available for everyone!

  • For your acceptance two floors of the route with steep slopes and ascents are available;
  • Carts equipped with Honda engines;
  • Carting for children;
  • Professional telemetry (printout at the end of each race);
  • Free helmets, gloves and suits;
  • Huge viewing area on two floors;
  • Friendly and professional staff.

Carting is a great idea for corporate events and an excellent remedy for depression and creative stagnation!

Another idea of an active recreation for a friendly team is 

Shooting in Minsk

Минск. Погонять и пострелять

We will kindly organize you exciting competitions in shooting at the Sporting Club.

Sporting Club is the home of the Olympic training of the Republic of Belarus in the field of shooting. Here the ideal conditions for sportsmen, hunters and amateurs to qualitatively engage in all types of shooting.

The most popular activities among our guests are:

Sporting is a popular kind of stand shooting, where the flight of targets simulates the flight of birds or running of a hare. For hunters, this is a great opportunity to practice. It is a fascinating entertainment and hobby for fans of shooting and new amateurs.

Sport archery is a great way to shake up your vacation and competitions organized by professional instructors are a fun part of any holiday.

Paintball shooting range for children under 10 years.

On the territory of the club you can also drive on segways, velomobiles and play tennis.