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Water activities

Entertaining complex “Aquapark “Lebyazhy” is a water amusement park, one of the largest in the CIS countries and the fifth largest in Europe. It is located just a few kilometers away from the center of the capital in an ecologically clean area of Minsk.

Next to the entertainment complex there is the only in Belarus, unique biological reserve “Lebyazhy” on the territory of which there are more than 10 species of birds listed in the Red Book of the Republic of Belarus.

On the territory of 38 hectares is a summer open children's water town with a swimming pool and attractions; A landscaped park with bicycle paths and sports grounds was broken up, a well-arranged embankment with a pier was created. A five-level complex with an area of 32,135 square meters is built inside of which there are:

  • The modern water amusement park - Water Park;
  • Attraction Dark-Ride;
  • Children's family entertainment center “Kazki”;
  • Gym;
  • Territory of SPA;
  • Thermal zone;
  • Zone of beach parties (VIP-zone) - club "Terraces" with places for rest and buffet;
  • Hotel;
  • Fast food restaurant of the Australian brand Country Chicken;
  • 7 bars;
  • Eco-recreation area.

Water entertainments in the water park are open and closed water areas with slides for the descent, attractions and swimming pools for adults and children. Every visitor will be able to assess their capabilities and choose an acceptable level of extreme descent. There is a wide range of attractions: water slides, fountains, "lazy river" and other entertainment, swimming pools, simulators for surfing. The water park is equipped with devices for the artificial waves pumping. The water areas are equipped with a system of sound and video transmission, light and sound effects, which will allow you to hold discotheques, shows and themed holidays on the water according to specially prepared scenarios.


Минск. Водные развлечения

Minsk Dolphinarium “NEMO” surprises not only with its modern and beautiful design, but also the best show program in Europe where the participation of Pacific dolphins and the sea lion, which perform the most complicated and unique shows created by leading experts in the field of marine mammals education and training.

“Nemo” is not only a dolphinarium, but also the center of dolphin therapy. The sessions of dolphin therapy promote relaxation and health improvement, enhance the body's protective abilities in people of all ages and also they are a recognized method of correcting and rehabilitating children with developmental peculiarities.

Swim with our dolphins! It's unforgettable!