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Belorussian Amazon – Turov – Lelchitsy bogs

Excursion, active rest, adventureБеларусь. Экскурсия, активный отдых, приключения.Белорусская Амазонка – Туров – Лельчицкие болота

This tour has several options. The duration can be from 1 to 3 days. The option of a two-day sightseeing tour is presented below.

We will have a four-hour drive to the south of our country, to the coast of the Belarusian Amazon – Pripyat. We will drive about 250 km to Turov. On the way our guide will tell you about the history of our country, the history of Turov district. And, of course, several Belarusian fairy tales.

In Turov we are going to live in an excellent hotel “Strumen” (in a comfort version) right on the river bank (or the hotel “Turov” in a money-saving version). The windows of “Strumen” hotel overlook the famous Turovsky meadow. If you are travelling in spring, then you will see an unimaginable number of birds arriving in the Turov meadow every spring.

After lunch we will have a tour around Turov, one of the oldest cities in Belarus. It is more than a thousand years old. Let's take a walk through the streets of the town. Let's get acquainted with the history of this ancient place. According to the legend, the holy stone crosses sailed here along the river. You can see some of them. Oaks are also growing here. Oaks of magnificent beauty.

And stone crosses grow. You can see this miracle yourself. And you can touch these growing stone crosses. You will visit the holy place.

Беларусь. Экскурсия, активный отдых, приключения.Белорусская Амазонка – Туров – Лельчицкие болота

In the evening we are going to the village of Buraz, located 10 km away from Turov. Here the locals will meet us, invite to tea and we will sing Belarusian folk songs. 

After breakfast we have an amazing safari on motor boats across the Belarusian Amazon – Pripyat. You will see a real water world, where you yourself, not Kevin Costner, will be heroes of an adventure. You will be amazed by the beauty of the landscapes! During the safari in summer, we can land on sandy beaches and swim. During this trip you will see a lot of birds. Our waterway will pass along the river bends of Pripyat near uninhabited islands, among thickets of aquatic plants. Floodplain forests and meadows of a transcendental beauty will appear to your gaze. We will return to the hotel by the dinner. After a short rest, we will go for a picnic on the water in a floating hotel. The Belarusian Amazon will not leave you indifferent. During the picnic in a floating hotel you will be able to try your luck in fishing for a spinning or a fishing rod.


Беларусь. Экскурсия, активный отдых, приключения.Белорусская Амазонка – Туров – Лельчицкие болота

For extravagant and inquisitive people, we offer inland deep into the Lelchitsy upper bogs instead of a picnic in a floating hotel. Those who decide to go there accompanied by a forester will never forget this trip. Lelchytsy upland bogs are the part of the largest massif of European marshes. Belarusian swamps are the lungs of Europe. Only few tourists can boast of seeing this amazing beauty in the world. During this walk in the heart of the Lelchitsy bogs you will meet fluffy birch, warty birch, dwarf pines, beaver huts, strange birds, pine forests on the islands, ancient beehives of forest wild bees and much, much more. If your trip will take place in summer, then you can enjoy forest berries along the way – blueberries, blackberries, cranberries, marsh cranberries ... And if you come in autumn – you will hear a reindeer rider, collect autumn mushrooms ...

Sunsets in Pripyat will remain in your memory forever.

In a one-day variant there is a tour around Turov and a safari on motor boats along Pripyat.