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Berezinski Biosphere Reserve

Excursion, active rest, adventure

Беларусь. Экскурсия, активный отдых, приключения. Березинский биосферный заповедник

This excursion has several options. It takes from 1 to 3 days. The two-day option is presented below.

The journey from the capital takes 2 hours. The distance is nearly 140 km.

During the way you will know a lot of interesting about our country, about flora and fauna of Berezinski biosphere reserve, where we are going to.

Berezinski biosphere reserve is the oldest and the only reserved area of the highest grade in the Republic of Belarus. It is a real standard of the natural life; one of few corners of the European part of the south dense forests remained undisturbed.

Travelling by the comfort option, you will live in the hotel “Plavno” among the reserved forest on the bank of the picturesque lake Plavno. The three-floor hotel with a wide hall and 10 cozy rooms looks like a fairy castle. If you are travelling by the money-saving option you will live in the hotel “Serguch”. It is new and good quality hotel.

This day we will walk through ecological paths along the reserved forest. If you travel in summer, then you can collect forest berries, when in fall, then mushrooms are the option. Just in couple of hours you will be amazed by the secrets of a gloomy fir forest and a moist aspen forest, the pine forest on the edge of the marsh and a light birch tree with hazel thickets will please you with the light abundance. A magnificent panorama of a shrouded in mist upland bog covered with a carpet of sphagnum moss will be opened from a 15-meter observation tower. Walking around the bog you can collect cranberries. Our guide will teach you how to make an incredible fruit juice from it.

 Беларусь. Экскурсия, активный отдых, приключения. Березинский биосферный заповедник

In the twilight you may probably meet the animals that live in the reserve: a badger, a beaver, an elk, a deer ...

In the evening we will go to one of the villages of the reserve, right on the river bank. Here we will listen to Belarusian folk songs. You will be able to communicate with the inhabitants of the traditional Belarusian village. The folklore evening will finish your first day of the program. 

Беларусь. Экскурсия, активный отдых, приключения. Березинский биосферный заповедник

If you are ready to sacrifice the sleep time, then in March and April you can wait in ambush and enjoy the grouse’s mating call. In July, watch the osprey – a large feathered predator. In September, hear the roar of a deer, and if very lucky, watch the deer and elk battles.

The next day after breakfast, we will travel to the reserve by bike, on foot or by kayak. You can choose anything. 

Беларусь. Экскурсия, активный отдых, приключения. Березинский биосферный заповедник


If you choose kayaks, then your route will go along the reserved lands through the places of the Valdai glacier convergence, along a chain of unique natural lakes. Following the route, you will see lush coastal vegetation, meet with waterfowl and semiaquatic birds, see their nests as well as the largest rodent’s settlements – the river beaver.

The cycling route will pass through the magnificent forest of Berezinski reserve, near small villages, among lakes and rivers.

In the evening we will return to the capital.