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Mysteries of Naliboki Forest

Excursion, active rest, adventure

Беларусь. Экскурсия, активный отдых, приключения.Тайны Налибокской пущи

Nalibokski Forest is perhaps the most mysterious and least explored forest area in Eastern Europe. Only an hour's drive from the capital of Belarus there is the great ancient forest occupying an area of 240 thousand hectares. This region has always been a marsh covered in woods: the steppe nomads which are the Tatars stumbled over it and during the Second World War about 20 thousand people were hiding from the fascists in the Naliboki Forest. Can you imagine? 20 thousand people! They were not found by the Germans, everyone found a place in the Forest. Moreover, there were several stationary airfields , in the large forest area, which were controlled by partisans.

Stunning forest and marsh landscapes can be seen from the land during hiking and cycling as well as from water during kayak rafting along the picturesque Isloch river. Choose a suitable way to travel around Naliboki Forest! We'll lead you. Kayaks, bicycles, walking sticks, rowing boats will be at your disposal.

The journey in the past is waiting for us. We will dive into the lords’ past (ruins of the palace and the photo lab of Count Tyshkevich) and the Soviet past (abandoned Soviet sanatorium Lesnoye) lost in the wild Naliboki Forest. The forest grows through the time ... Neither the reinforced concrete frames of the sanatorium nor the stone arches of Tyshkevich Palace can withhold the forest growing.

Беларусь. Экскурсия, активный отдых, приключения.Тайны Налибокской пущи

Walking along Naliboki Forest you will see a lot of birds and if you're lucky enough then also animals.

You can listen to the tales of gigantic oaks under the crowns of which we will make a halt during our journey. Our route will pass through the largest and oldest oak in this mystical forest. You will be able to touch his trunk and it will reveal you the great mystery of life ...

There is a magnificent hotel not far from the entrance to Naliboki Forest where you can wander around, ride a boat, ride a horse or sunbathe on the beach and swim in a lake with the purest water. Stay here for the night and take a steam-bath. And, of course, try the dishes of a real Belarusian cuisine.

If you come for a few days, then on one of the days of our journey you can fly over the already slightly familiar forest in a small helicopter and admire the beauty of this extraordinary place once again.

In addition to the magnificent nature of these places there is another remarkable side. We will acquaint you with the history of this region and visit the small Belarusian town of Ivenets and the Belarusian villages of Naliboki Forest.

There are one-day and two-, three-day excursions with the elements of active rest in Naliboki Forest. The distance between the capital and Naliboki Forest is just over 50 km.