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Narochanski region

Excursion, active rest, adventureБеларусь. Экскурсия, активный отдых, приключения. Нарочанский край.

 This tour has several options. The duration is from 1 to 3 days. The option of a two-day sightseeing tour is presented below.

We are going to Narochanski region, to the shore of the biggest lake in Belarus - Naroch. The way takes about 2 hours. The distance is 160 km.

Even before you arrive at the hotel, we will go for a walk along the beautiful edge of the Blue Lakes, located near the lake Naroch. The area in which the lakes are located is wooded and poorly populated: small villages are located along the edge of the forest. Several surprisingly beautiful lakes are hiding in deep hollows between picturesque hills. The height of the hills above the water's edge reaches 50 m in some places. Unique relic plants grow along the shores of the lakes. Particularly impressive is the fact that wild Belarusian orchids grow here – the Venus shoe and forest tulips. We will walk about 8 km on foot along the eco-path.

We will reach our hotel by the lunchtime. Here some culinary delights of national Belarusian cuisine are waiting for us.

Беларусь. Экскурсия, активный отдых, приключения. Нарочанский край.

As a comfort option we will stay with you in a very unusual hotel – an ethnocultural complex “Nanosy-Housewarming” and as for an economical variant – it will be the "Abramy" complex or the tourist hotel "Naroch". Each room of the hotel “Nanosy-Housewarming” is a village house with a stove, own sauna, cellar with pickles. We are sure you have never stopped at this hotel!

After the lunch we will rest on the territory of the hotel, visit museums of samovars and coins, ride old Soviet cars, a collection of which is located directly in the garage of the hotel “Nanosy”, as well as quad bikes or horses. In case if you arrive in sunny warm season, you can have a beach and water types of entertainment – a motor boat, boats and jet skis. There is a sauna in each room of the comfort option. If you are traveling on an economy option, in this case, the hotels will offer us a very interesting time.

Беларусь. Экскурсия, активный отдых, приключения. Нарочанский край.In “Abrama”, for example, you can go fishing in your own ponds, take a real steam-bath, visit the most interesting dog nursery, where dogs are crossed with wolves, try the excellent brand-name home-distilled vodka. If you want, you can learn how to make mead and home-distilled vodka, cottage cheese and cheese, cook sausages and bake a bread. Exciting master classes are waiting for you.

Беларусь. Экскурсия, активный отдых, приключения. Нарочанский край.

In the evening we will watch a horse show. In the stables of the hotel there are beautiful Frises - powerful horses of black color with a long chic mane, a luxurious tail and thick frises that cover hooves.

On the second day of our trip we will go on a bike tour in the forest routes along lake Naroch. Our route will pass among the transparent solar pine forests. The beauty of the lake edge will not leave you indifferent. If you are not fans of bike tours, then you will have an auto-walking tour along lake Naroch and lake Myadel. Well, if you really do not want to leave your unusual hotel, then there is an occupation for every taste.

And after dinner you will become “black diggers” for a while. You will look for coins of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania called “Boratinki”, named after Boratini, the great Italian scientist and adventurer, who made them in circulation many centuries ago. Borakinki was minted in huge numbers in Krakow and during their circulation from 1659 to 1666 more than two billion of them were released !!! Areal “black digger”, who is our guide-archaeologist, will help you in search of ancient coins. There are a lot of coins in the hills and gardens of this region depicting a horseman and an eagle ... If you are lucky (and you will definitely be lucky!), you will take with you an excellent souvenir – a Boratinka coin.